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Welcome to eyelash extensions Fort Collins. We are the salon with the highest reputation in lash application and customer retention. We simplify beauty, so you don’t have to try so hard.

We understand that simple beauty takes time when you’re attempting to apply mascara that clumps up every application.

Our team knows you’ve wasted your hard earned dollars looking for the next best makeup product that will lift your eyes while lengthening and filling your eyelashes.

Look no further because we are the salon for you. Our professionally trained lash technicians and fresh lash bar will give you the best lashes Fort Collins has seen. We give you the lashes you’ve always been dreaming of.

Our eyelash menu consists of eyelash extensions, eyelash lifts, and eyelash tints. Every service will give you a customized look and add simplicity into your life.

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About Eyelash Extensions Fort Collins CO

When we say customizable eyelash extensions we truly mean it. There are hundreds of lash types waiting for you. We use cutting edge techniques that you can’t get anywhere else. Our lash artists are always learning and evolving with the latest trends and safest applications.

  • Values - Our lash studio values your time. We want to be as efficient as possible with your lash application and the time you spend in our salon. We also want your beauty routine to be as quick as you would like it to be. We give you the most time saving eyelash extensions Fort Collins has to offer making it an essential service
  • Goals - We want you to feel safe coming into our salon. Every team member is highly knowledgeable and puts into practice the state’s cleaning and sanitizing procedures. Your eyes are an important part of your body and we want to keep them safe and secure with every lash service.
  • Our Mission - Fulfillment with every appointment is our mission. We are nothing without you and your satisfaction. It is necessary that all of your eyelash extension goals are met when you are with us.

We give you the best eyelash extensions Fort Collins has to offer because we care about placement, products, and natural lash safety.

Why Choose Our Lash Studio?

We want to change the lash industry in our city. We have a passion for eyelash extensions that can’t be matched. The most perfect false eyelashes Fort Collins applies are seen as an art and our love for the industry shows in our applications.

What is important to us:

  1. Relaxation - we are always creating a relaxing and enjoyable atmosphere. With the cleanliness in the salon and the calming music that is always playing, you will doze off with ease.
  2. Quality - we use the most elite lash products and tools that you can find on the market. Your eyelash extensions application can only be as good as the products that are used for each service. We are always learning and searching for the best materials we can find.
  3. Client retention - we want you to keep coming back because we care about you. We have a high retention rate because we are meticulous when we apply the most elegant looking and best fake eyelashes Fort Collins administers and truly listen to what you want for your overall lash look.We work hard to give you the lash extensions you are looking for.

We have been helping women of all ages in our community for so many years. We know what is needed in the city of Fort Collins when it involves the eyelash extension industry.

We want to hear from you today to set up a convenient time for you to come get fake lashes. Don’t wait to call us for questions that you have. We want to talk with you and get you ready to have the fullest eyelash extensions Fort Collins has ever seen.

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What To Expect?

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Before your appointment:

  • Cleanse your face and remove any trace of mascara and eyeliner. We want to work with a clean slate. The less cleansing we have to do on your eyelashes, the more time we have to give you the fullest lash extensions Fort Collins can apply.
  • Prepare your schedule to give yourself time when you are with us. The lash application takes time if you want them done right. We know you will enjoy every minute of your time away from your hectic schedule.
  • Don’t chug water or drink anything with caffeine. If you consume too much water before your appointment you won’t be able to relax because you’ll be focused on using the restroom. Caffeine will work against you when you try to lay back and feel calm while getting your eyelashes.

During your appointment:

  • We will consult with you before the application and guide you when picking your desired lash look. Our lash artists are extremely knowledgeable when it comes to mapping out the most quality eyelash extensions Fort Collins has ever applied. We take into consideration your personal lifestyle, your eye shape, and what you want.
  • Be ready to rest. Talking during your appointment makes it hard for our lash technicians to properly isolate your eyelash for a seamless lash line. Take this time with us as a moment of zen and true relaxation.
  • Trust us. You will not be disappointed when you open your eyes to your new set of lashes. We will give you the eyelash extensions of your dreams using the highest grade lash adhesive and materials to apply your false lashes.

After your appointment:

  • Pre-book your lash refill appointment before you leave our aslon. This ensures that you can come see us when it is necessary.
  • Let your lashes stay dry for 24 hours. Try not to wet your extensions for a day to let them cure and dry 100%.
  • Cleanse your eyelashes. Your lash line can house bacteria and build up if you don’t clean your extensions often. Ensure yourself that you have the cleanest eyelashes Fort Collins has ever laid their eyes on.

Clients keep choosing us because we apply perfection. We give you the most glamorous eyelash extensions Fort Collins has to offer the women in the area and surrounding areas.

Eyelash Service Menu

Our services will upgrade your look every single time. We only use products with the highest quality and great satisfaction rate. We provide unique applications with every service and this makes our Fort Collins eyelash company one of a kind. You will not be disappointed by any service that you choose. Everything can be customized to your liking.


We offer a free consultation appointment to everyone. We want you to feel as comfortable as possible with the application process. We recommend scheduling a consultation if you have previously applied eyelash extensions from a different lash salon. This will help us to know what we will be working with.

Classic Set

This service is always a popular pick. This technique is a great way to add longer eyelashes and fullness to your natural lash look. The process is done by adhering 1 individual lash extension to 1 natural lash. This style will upgrade your lashes without making them too bold. It is the perfect service for anyone who is new to eyelash extensions.

Hybrid Set

This service is always recommended to anyone who wants to transition their lash style. This technique is a great way to go from a classic set to a volume set and vice versa. The process is done by adhering a mixture of 1 individual lash extension and 3-5 lash extensions to 1 natural lash. This style will give you an added fullness that you cannot get with classic lashes on their own.

Volume Set

This service is favored by the women who want dramatic eyelash extensions. This technique is perfect for anyone who wants a bold look but has fine and sparse natural lashes. The process is done by attaching 3-5 eyelash extensions to 1 individual natural lash. This style will give you the most glam that you can get with eyelash extensions.

Eyelash Removal

This service is for anyone who wants their Fort Collins eyelash extensions taken off. The lash removal process is comfortable and safe around the eyes. It is done with a high grade removal product that fosters the integrity of your natural lashes. The appointment is fast and can be done whenever you need.

Eyelash Tinting

This service is enjoyed by most women that come through our salon. The process is quick and can be an added bonus to any of our other services. The lash tinting is a similar procedure to coloring your hair. We always have a wide variety of colors to choose from so you can have a customized pigment that is perfect for you.

Eyelash Lifting

This service lifts and curls your lashes while making them stronger. The best lash lifting Fort Collins has to offer will give you the appearance of longer and fuller natural eyelashes. We are properly trained to avoid overly processing your eyelashes and keep the integrity of your natural lashes. You can choose a small, medium, or large curl to pick a look that is unique for you.

About Fort Collins

Whether you are exploring amazing Horsetooth Reservoir, or checking out the Gardens on Spring Creek, Fort Collins is home to beautiful outdoor scenery.

Fort Collins sits in northern Colorado and it is home to an Old Town historic district with homes as old as the 1800's.

The economy in Fort Collins is primarily from manufacturing and service business with a median household income of around $65,000. As of 2018, the population of the city was around 168,000 people making it the 4th most populated city in Colorado.

  1. Wellington, CO
  2. Laporte, CO
  3. Masonville, CO
  4. Windsor, CO
  5. Severance, CO
  6. Loveland, CO
  7. Drake, CO
  8. Stone Prairie Landing, CO
  9. Buckeye, CO
  10. Other surrounding areas

Happy Clients

You’re missing out if you haven’t come to this salon to get eyelash extensions. I was in town visiting and got eyelash extensions. They have never looked better! I wish I lived closer so I could switch to this salon.

Kelly D.

First off, the salon is pristine and so clean! That was such a plus for me. I was more than happy to be spending time in the salon because the atmosphere was so relaxing. My eyelashes turned out perfect.

Brittney M.

I don’t live in the area, but I drive to this salon specially to get my eyelash extensions. I can’t find a better place to get my lashes full! My lash artist knows what she’s doing and I love coming to this salon!

Tara R.

Frequently asked questiona

Is it bad for your natural eyelashes to get eyelash extensions?

With our properly applied eyelash extensions, your natural lashes are safe and will not be damaged.

How much do eyelash extensions cost?

The pricing for eyelash extensions is different for every style. Contact us for further detail..

What are the pros of Fort Collins eyelash extensions?

You save time and money in your morning routine. You can wake up and go if you need to. Eyelash extensions can be made to fit your eyes and customized to your liking.

How long does an eyelash extension set last?

The fullness of your eyelashes lasts as long as 4 weeks. We recommend coming in sooner than the 4 weeks to fill your lashes.

Can females have eyelash extensions in the military?

If you choose a natural looking set that is more on the conservitive side, then it is acceptable..

Are there eyelash extensions near me in Fort Collins?

When searching for “lash extensions near me” and “lashes near me” in and around the Fort Collins area, our lash bar is the number one choice for flawless eyelash application.

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Our team wants to embody professionalism, cleanliness, and expertise. We will always be the leaders in the Fort Collins lash industry because of our passionate team. We are here to make you feel your best.

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